Meaning of loan capital in English:

loan capital


mass noun
  • Money required to run a business which is raised from loans rather than shares.

    ‘Issues to consider are share capital versus loan capital, close companies issues and expansion plans.’
    • ‘As a result of the progress the company has been making in reducing its debt burden, it has been able raise significant new loan capital at lower cost.’
    • ‘If the company did require further funding or loan capital he had already said that he was prepared and able to source it.’
    • ‘We suggest that these sums be regarded as on account of an overall settlement and that there is no need, for the time being, to categorise them as salary, dividend, repayment of loan capital etc.’
    • ‘Interest rates are rising, making loan capital more expensive.’
    • ‘The Baring Foundation's shares had a balance sheet value of £308 million and it had a further £101 million in loan capital.’
    • ‘An advantage to a firm using local markets is that host governments may offer MNEs loan capital at attractive rates of interest.’
    • ‘In other words, the natural rate of interest is defined as the rate at which the demand for physical loan capital coincides with the supply of savings expressed in physical magnitudes.’
    • ‘The rate of interest at which the demand for loan capital and the supply of savings exactly agree, and which more or less corresponds to the expected yield on the newly created capital will then be the normal or natural rate.’
    • ‘Capital mobility mainly took the form of working, rather than loan capital.’
    • ‘In the phase of stagnation that follows a crisis there is, due to the collapse of investment, an increased supply of loan capital, together with a reduced demand for credit, and the rate of interest is, therefore, relatively low.’
    • ‘AIB examines each loan on a case-by-case basis and can offer deferrals on loan capital and interest repayments for up to three years.’
    • ‘The trade in securities in turn acts as the fundamental mechanism to determine the price of capital in the market, be it equity or loan capital.’
    • ‘The second is a test of whether lenders active in multiple jurisdictions allocate loan capital for real estate efficiently.’
    • ‘Since then, the Independent Group has supported the paper with loan capital.’
    • ‘A massive jobs bill to create more opportunity for companies to access loan capital, tax incentives and credits for investors and companies to grow and expand in our state.’
    • ‘The economic difficulties in Britain thus had contradictory effects in the colonies: while they depressed export earnings and commercial activity, they also sparked an inflow of opportunistic loan capital.’
    • ‘Later, after 1655, capital was taken up for longer terms so that loan capital increased at times to 10-12 million guilders.’
    • ‘The latter was designed for current payments: assemblies could buy movable property and real estate and form loan capital.’
    • ‘Some allow the borrower to hold onto the loan capital for the full six months, but ask that 10 percent interest be paid them every month to cover the woman's obligatory savings requirement.’