Meaning of loanword in English:


Pronunciation /ˈləʊnwəːd/

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  • A word adopted from a foreign language with little or no modification.

    ‘Katakana are used for foreign loanwords from languages other than Chinese; most of these come from English.’
    • ‘So it's a surprise to find that some languages have few loanwords.’
    • ‘Similarly, Eskimo Jargon has kaukau ‘food’, itself a loanword in Hawaiian, introduced from Chinese Pidgin English chowchow.’
    • ‘The Malay word may also have been introduced to the Tongans by the Dutch themselves, as many Malay loanwords were already current in 17th century Dutch.’
    • ‘Wanganui-born English scholar Robert Burchfield in The English Language debunks the ‘enduring myth about French loanwords of the mediaeval period’, saying that ‘the culinary revolution’ scarcely preceded the 18th century.’
    • ‘Instead, slang and universal loanwords are used, a so-called ‘globespeak.’’
    • ‘(The Greeks, who are the ultimate source of the loanword ‘partridge,’ presumably gave it this name because of the loud whirring sound it makes when suddenly flushed out.)’
    • ‘It would thus have been a loanword from Hebrew in the vulgar speech of the Greek settlers in Egypt.’
    • ‘The Omani dialect generally is close to modern standard Arabic, although coastal dialects employ a number of loanwords from Baluchi, Persian, Urdu and Gujarati (two Indo-Aryan languages), and even Portuguese.’
    • ‘In this respect, one may compare the Persian Language to English which although Germanic in its foundations has numerous loanwords from French and Latin, mostly because of the Roman and the Norman invasions.’
    • ‘Romance and Spanish have been filled with Arabic loanwords, be they chemical, culinary, agricultural, technological, social or scientific.’
    • ‘Secondly, we see the impact of the language contact between Irish and English and the use of several English loanwords, which have been successfully adapted to Irish spelling and pronunciation.’
    • ‘The loanwords normally used to avoid this problem do not prove feasible in the case of John 4: 4-42.’
    • ‘Northern pronunciation varies from southern and has more Russian loanwords.’
    • ‘Letendre has found that ‘most Japanese teachers had no clear idea what adolescence was and that many failed to recognize the English loanword adoresensu’.’
    • ‘Indeed, the possibility that it was originally a Luwian loanword hints at its much greater antiquity.’
    • ‘As a widely used loanword, ‘sex’ may also denote a certain cultural perception, real or imagined, often connected with Anglo-American-derived consumer culture - assumedly more easy-going, relaxed, and fun.’