Meaning of loathsomely in English:


Pronunciation /ˈləʊðs(ə)mli/


See loathsome

‘Right away we're tipped off to some of the film's more loathsomely precious qualities when we see that Evie works at a Kiddie Acres theme park, serving hot dogs while dressed in a giant bunny suit.’
  • ‘Without bothering to listen to whatever pathetic excuse he had conjured up, I marched right up to Emily, who was simpering and smirking as if she had somehow managed to win whatever war that was between us, and glared at her loathsomely.’
  • ‘He gave her a look that was mostly apologetic, despite his continuing awareness that she was loathsomely evil and contaminating him with every moment they remained in the room together.’
  • ‘Why do most of Haggis's characters act as loathsomely as they do?’
  • ‘It was draped loathsomely in ragged finery, now soiled with blood and gore that blackened slowly in the heat that enfolded it.’