Meaning of lobby group in English:

lobby group


  • A body formed to influence legislation on a particular issue.

    ‘the grassroots campaigning of lobby groups for public education’
    • ‘National lobby groups are battling against the ad budgets of brand name giants.’
    • ‘Lobby groups are campaigning to influence this high-agenda debate.’
    • ‘Most of England's professional health bodies and lobby groups are opposed.’
    • ‘The report says the changes are a "poverty trap" and disability lobby groups are pleading for the Government to rethink.’
    • ‘So many politicians are addicted to posing as "tough on crime," and pro-prison lobby groups are so powerful, that common sense can be overruled.’
    • ‘Two influential business lobby groups endorsed the general idea of a trust fund.’
    • ‘This was welcomed as a fair compromise by most of the lobby groups for the elderly, because it seemed to guarantee that people who couldn't care for themselves could rest assured they would always be helped to carry out the essentials of daily life.’
    • ‘Welfare lobby groups had urged that homelessness and mental illness be considered exemptions, but this was rejected.’
    • ‘The anti-gambling lobby groups have been out in force.’
    • ‘National and local lobby groups joined forces in an effort to stop plans for a number of larger farms.’