Meaning of lobster claw in English:

lobster claw


  • A tropical American plant with brightly coloured flowers which resemble a lobster's claw, each being composed of boat-shaped bracts.

    Heliconia bihai, family Heliconiaceae

    ‘For an unusual spring climber that makes a good show, I would suggest Clianthus puniceus, known as the lobster claw and the parrot's beak because of the curious shape of the petals.’
    • ‘Bursts of colour from tropical flowers broke the sea of green - white orchids, bold red lobster claws and anthuriums - and the sounds of life in the forest, with cackling parrots and chirping cicadas, was almost deafening.’
    • ‘Commonly known as lobster claws, Heliconia are close relatives of ginger, banana, and the bird-of-paradise plants familiar from florists' shops.’