Meaning of lobule in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɒbjuːl/


  • A small lobe.

    ‘The pulmonary venules then drain toward the periphery of the lobule and form pulmonary veins that travel within the interlobular septa.’
    • ‘The soft tissue chondroma4 presents with well-defined lobules of hyaline cartilage, usually in association with a tendon or a tendon sheath and most commonly in the distal extremities.’
    • ‘Histologically, sebaceous hyperplasia consists of enlarged lobules of mature sebaceous glands with a central dilated duct.’
    • ‘Lobular carcinoma in situ within the ducts and lobules of nipple showed absence of reactivity with E-cadherin.’
    • ‘One glandular structure reminiscent of a mammary lobule was identified in the deep dermis adjacent to the tumor.’


Late 17th century from lobe, on the pattern of words such as globule.