Meaning of local education authority in English:

local education authority

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nounplural noun local education authorities

  • (in England and Wales) a council body that is responsible for administering education in a particular area.

    ‘local education authorities monitor home-educated children’
    • ‘Local education authorities and certain schools are responsible for setting terms and holidays for their area.’
    • ‘For nearly two decades the Local Education Authority avoided enforced job losses among teachers and support staff.’
    • ‘The local education authority has earmarked the cash for measures including more truancy sweeps, after-school clubs, and hi-tech electronic classroom registers.’
    • ‘Representatives of the 150 local education authorities in England voted in favour of switching to a six-term year.’
    • ‘Students are entitled to additional special services from the local education authority in whose district their school is located.’
    • ‘In those terms, local education authorities will be taking a close look at how their schools have performed.’
    • ‘Local education authority must ensure that all schools comply with legislation that requires that infants are not taught in classes of more than 30 except in certain specified circumstances.’
    • ‘We are working hard with schools and local education authority representatives to make sure the problems of this year are not repeated.’
    • ‘Local education authorities should bear in mind their statutory duty to make appropriate educational provision available for all school-age children in their area, whether resident temporarily or permanently.’
    • ‘We hope we will be able to access the funding from the Local Education Authority to enable us to implement those initiatives.’