Meaning of local time in English:

local time



  • 1Time as reckoned in a particular region or time zone.

    ‘the polls will open at 6 a.m. local time, which is three hours later in California than in New York’
    • ‘The candlelit vigils began Sunday night in New Zealand and circled the world, starting at 7 p.m. local time, in each time zone.’
    • ‘This allows the spacecraft to pass over different regions of Earth at the same local time.’
    • ‘We translate the UTC reference time to our local time by adding or subtracting the hours that correspond to our time zone.’
    • ‘If the target time is behind the local time by less than 2 minutes, the client slows its clock over a period of 20 minutes until the two times are in synch.’
    • ‘There were more explosions in Baghdad in the mid-afternoon local time, but the cause was unclear.’
    • ‘These people have a tough time adapting their sleeping and eating schedules to the local time.’
    • ‘During polling, the clocks also are set to the local time of the machine polling the clocks.’
    • ‘You might consider trying to change the local time on the computer you're using for a small, added measure of distance.’
    • ‘The 2004 United States Grand Prix starts at 12.00 hrs, local time, on Sunday 20th June.’
    • ‘A key feature of the new Oakley invention is its ability to automatically display local time in any of the 24 time zones around the world.’
    • ‘That is on Sunday, 17 April, where local time is six hours behind Thailand.’
    • ‘The bomb was put in an anchored frigate, HMS Pym, and when it exploded at 8am local time on October 3rd thousands of tons of rock, mud and seawater were blasted into the air.’
    • ‘The hardware for the Deep Impact mission will be lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 13.47 local time today.’
    • ‘On October 10 at 8pm local time, the host nation, Australia, will play Argentina in the inaugural match of Rugby World Cup 2003.’
    • ‘Hospital sources said at least six people had been injured after the bomb went off at about 8am local time.’
    • ‘That is to say, the difference between Greenwich time and local time is a way of orienting oneself in space, of knowing where one is, and how one is heading.’
    • ‘The race starts at 15 hrs local time on Saturday.’
    • ‘With the Iraqi blocking force destroyed and the Iraqi military in full flight, the war was halted at 8 a.m. local time on 28 February.’
    • ‘Survivors told of the terrifying moment when the accident happened at 4.30 pm local time.’
    • ‘In the Fall, when we switch back an hour, away from daylight savings time, the switch happens at 2 am local time.’
    • ‘It was designed to measure local time as well as such things as zenith distances, meridian pass time as well as such declination of the stars with remarkable precision.’
    1. 1.1Time at a particular place as measured from the sun's transit over the meridian at that place, defined as noon.
      ‘Cassini's tables of Jupiter's moons were used to determine longitudes by providing a universal time with which to compare the local time at various positions on the Earth.’
      • ‘For longitude, Hipparchus proposed a zero meridian through Rhodes, with east/west distances from this line determined by comparing the local time of a place with an absolute time.’
      • ‘The dog, wherever in the world its ship was at that moment, would then obligingly yelp and the mariner could then note the local time and so find his longitude.’
      • ‘To calculate your longitude at sea, you need to know what time it is onboard ship and also, at that very same moment, the local time in your home port.’
      • ‘By setting up a pendulum clock and synchronizing it with the local time according to the Sun, the astronomers were able to say when the eclipse started as they saw it.’
      • ‘It also led to a clear distinction in people's minds between an absolute time and a local time.’