Meaning of localizer in English:



(also British localiser)

See localize

‘But the localisers want us all to retreat behind borders - so bang goes the international transfer of assets which is so desperately needed.’
  • ‘What I want to do is to take a hard look at some of the thornier questions that localisers must address, so that our mutual case can be strengthened.’
  • ‘He told investigators he was focusing on the localizer to establish the runway centerline, but the rest of the approach was ‘visual,’ hence, he wasn't using the minimum safe altitudes.’
  • ‘An attachment called a ‘CT localizer,’ is placed on the head ring before the CT scan is performed.’
  • ‘We lined up on the localizer, intercepted the glideslope, and, with a sigh of relief, broke out around 500 feet.’