Meaning of lock down in English:

lock down

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phrasal verb

  • 1lock something or someone down, lock down something or someoneRestrict movement within or access to an area in the interests of public safety or health.

    ‘these areas were locked down in order to prevent spread of the virus’
    • ‘officials are reportedly considering locking down the capital with mass closures of non-essential businesses’
    • ‘I was locked down in a cell made for two, with five people, no working toilet, no food and no protection.’
    • ‘Before I was locked down, 3 troublemakers entered my cell and commenced to verbally assail my ailing celly.’
    • ‘Even his incarceration could not stop him working towards his ambition of a Lonsdale Belt: ‘I managed to train every day, even though I was locked down from eight at night until eight in the morning.’’
    1. 1.1Confine prisoners to their cells, especially as a security measure following a disturbance.
      ‘soldiers and police confiscated weapons and locked down cell blocks on Friday’
      • ‘the men were locked down for the usual curfew bedtime’
  • 2lock something down, lock down somethingConfirm or finalize an arrangement.

    • ‘he may struggle to lock down a place in the side next year’