Meaning of locus standi in English:

locus standi

nounplural noun loci standi/ˌləʊsʌɪ ˈstandʌɪ/ /ˌlɒkiː ˈstandiː/

  • The right or capacity to bring an action or to appear in a court.

    ‘a foreign government which has not been recognized by the UK government has no locus standi in the English courts’
    • ‘The Respondents at the outset took up a preliminary objection that the Petitioner has no locus standi to make this application.’
    • ‘The principle of locus standi in effect serves as a ‘gate-keeping function to exclude vexatious litigants or unworthy cases’.’


locus standi

/ˌləʊkəs ˈstandʌɪ/ /ˌlɒkəs ˈstandʌɪ/


Latin, literally ‘place of standing’.