Meaning of lodgement in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɒdʒm(ə)nt/


  • 1mainly literary A place in which a person or thing is located or lodged.

    • ‘they found a lodgement for the hook in the parapet’
  • 2mass noun The action of depositing or lodging something.

    ‘the temporary lodgement of the capital in a bank deposit account’
    • ‘the electronic lodgement of proxy votes’
    • ‘How the processes for lodgement and legal deposit will work in practice, the fine print of the legislation, are being worked out at present.’
    • ‘Any subsequent application made by you, provided the validity requirements as set out in Section 46 of the Migration Act are met, will be considered valid at the time of lodgement.’
    • ‘The normal due date for lodgement of returns by individual taxpayers, including ADF members who are not eligible for the deferral, is October 31.’
    • ‘What was the date of lodgement of the lease at the Land Titles Office?’
    • ‘A case list was provided in regard to this matter about the lodgement of further submissions after the hearing has finished and there were three cases on that list.’
    presentation, presenting, proffering, tendering, proposal, proposing, introduction, suggestion, venturing, broaching, airing, lodgement, positing


Late 16th century from French logement ‘dwelling’, from Old French loge ‘arbour’ (see lodge).