Meaning of loft conversion in English:

loft conversion

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mainly British
  • A space under the roof of a house that has been adapted into a living area, typically a bedroom.

    ‘they put in a loft conversion themselves’
    • ‘If an extension or loft conversion gives you the extra space you need more cheaply, then why bother moving?’
    • ‘The guinea pig was too young to be kept outside, so he got dumped in the loft conversion.’
    • ‘When we assess a loft conversion's viability, we run through a sort of assessment check list.’
    • ‘Residents and town councillors were concerned the steepness of the roofs would encourage loft conversions.’
    • ‘A recent study suggests a £25,000 loft conversion may increase the sale price to between £35,000 and £40,000.’
    • ‘Loft conversions really are a specialist job.’
    • ‘Loft conversions will increase your council tax valuation.’
    • ‘The builder working on our loft conversion put his foot through my child's room!’
    • ‘He sleeps and studies in a cold loft conversion full of Gaelic books but no television.’
    • ‘He believed that the house had the potential for a loft conversion.’