Meaning of log in in English:

log in

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phrasal verb

(also log on)
  • 1Go through the procedures to begin using a computer, database, or system.

    ‘I received the email with the new password and logged in without a hitch’
    • ‘I just logged on and read your post’
    • ‘This ID is what lets Napster know a banned computer is trying to log on.’
    • ‘It was a UNIX system, and I logged on as root every day without their knowledge.’
    • ‘I sat by a computer and logged on with the username and password I had been given with my timetable.’
    • ‘He turned his computer on, logged on to a search engine, and searched under ‘sniper’.’
    • ‘You must follow a strict procedure when you log out of the network and pull out the card, lest you have to reboot to reconnect.’
    • ‘When a user running Internet Explorer logs on to a contaminated site, the user's PC is infected with malicious code, which has the potential to cause further problems.’
    • ‘Make sure you are logging on to a legitimate website by typing in the URL rather than using a link.’
    • ‘That witness told the jury of the warnings on the screen of the Police National Computer when an officer logged on to the computer to obtain data.’
    • ‘Attempting to log on to the online service results in a blank page.’
    • ‘Conspiracy theorists at Brunel say academics have logged on to their computers to vote only to find someone else has already done so for them.’
    • ‘On our return to the apartment I opened my laptop and logged on to my e-mail.’
    • ‘You need a computer to log on to the Internet, but Internet cafés are not hard to find in Japan.’
    • ‘This program will continue downloading even after you log out.’
    • ‘At the end of the day Josh shut down his computer and logged out.’
    • ‘They can set up and store personal settings on the system which are activated every time they log on.’
    • ‘Furiously, Cassie logs out of her computer, disturbed by the somewhat cryptic message.’
    • ‘Using call-back, the user calls the computer and logs on, then the computer hangs up and calls back to the number authorized for the user.’
    • ‘Erin returns home and quickly goes to her computer and logs on using Nic's screenname.’
    • ‘I logged out of my computer as Brandon's communicator rung.’
    • ‘Mulder logged out of his computer and headed for the door.’
    1. 1.1log someone in, log in someoneAllow or enable someone to go through the procedures to begin using a computer, database, or system.
      • ‘this feature automatically restarts your computer and logs you on after you install a Windows update’