Meaning of log of claims in English:

log of claims


  • A set of claims for improved pay or conditions, lodged by a trade union on behalf of workers.

    ‘the union had served a log of claims on the employer’
    • ‘Management rejected any pay rise or improved conditions contained in the union log of claims.’
    • ‘The Association is protesting the government's failure to discuss matters relating to a 2003-2004 log of claims.’
    • ‘The industrial action is in protest against continuing Public Services Commission delays in handling their log of claims.’
    • ‘The government has delayed discussions on the workers' log of claims for over a year.’
    • ‘Workers first approached management with their log of claims two years ago.’
    • ‘Public school teachers in Western Australia held a stop-work meeting to discuss negotiations over a log of claims.’
    • ‘The Victorian Independent Education Union, on behalf of Catholic teachers, has submitted a draft log of claims to the Victorian Catholic Schools Association.’
    • ‘The drivers have endorsed a log of claims with 109 separate terms.’
    • ‘The Union has served a 21-point log of claims on Australia's biggest bread company.’
    • ‘A compromise solution only incites them to demand more - there is always a new log of claims around the corner.’