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nounplural noun loganberries

  • 1An edible dull-red soft fruit, considered to be a hybrid of a raspberry and an American dewberry.

    ‘You could also add raspberries, loganberries, blueberries, tayberries and blackberries.’
    • ‘Blackberries and raspberries are often crossed to give varieties such as the loganberry and tayberry.’
    • ‘When the currants start to burst and flood the pan with colour, tip in the loganberries or raspberries.’
    • ‘It started with regular chips my mum would make for dinner, then progressed to the loganberries on the tree in our backyard, and then to the little berries around the garden that were horribly bitter.’
    • ‘This recipe also works well with most all cane berries, such as blackberries, marionberries and loganberries.’
    • ‘Put a few dark berries, such as blackberries or loganberries, into a serving bowl.’
  • 2The scrambling plant that bears the loganberry.

    Rubus loganobaccus, family Rosaceae

    ‘Cut out all the old fruiting canes from raspberries, loganberries and blackberries and tie in the new shoots.’
    • ‘If loganberries and raspberries have not yet been cut down and the new canes tied in, do this now.’
    • ‘Bearing this in mind, garden blackberries - and indeed tayberries and loganberries - must be cut back annually for ease of picking and to keep growth within bounds.’
    • ‘In July and August all local eyes are on the loganberry.’



/ˈləʊɡ(ə)nb(ə)ri/ /ˈləʊɡ(ə)nˌbɛri/


Late 19th century from the name of John H. Logan (1841–1928), American horticulturalist, + berry.