Meaning of logistic in English:


Pronunciation /ləˈdʒɪstɪk/

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  • Relating to logistics.

    ‘logistic problems’
    • ‘We are able to support any such partnership with training, franchise documentation, and full logistic support.’
    • ‘We have said that we will cooperate in these three areas of logistic support and use of airspace.’
    • ‘It also required a great deal of logistic support and a willing ally who was prepared to render assistance.’
    • ‘According to him, Bulgaria should not only provide logistic support but also troops.’
    • ‘The main focus is on reducing logistic support costs while improving operational output.’
    • ‘This campaign demonstrates the efficiency of the Hittite war machine and the degree of logistic support it must have enjoyed.’
    • ‘This unit provides the military logistic and engineer support to the UN mission.’
    • ‘It's not enough that they have to overcome massive logistic and financial woes.’
    • ‘He said more assistance, including tents and other logistic supplies, would be sent soon to the refugees.’
    • ‘All armed forces like to know their logistic base is secure.’
    • ‘The Bulgarian unit will provide mainly logistic, communication and administrative help.’
    • ‘Australia would of necessity be less dependent on the American logistic system.’
    • ‘The education of both officials and electorate has been another logistic hurdle.’
    • ‘The aircraft and crews also provided logistic and aero medical evacuation support to forces from six nations.’
    • ‘This effect was significant after adjusting for age in the logistic regression analyses.’
    • ‘Binary logistic regression models were performed separately for males and females.’
    • ‘To examine this possibility, we conducted a series of logistic regression analyses.’
    • ‘The global outcome was analysed with logistic regression, with and without adjustment for the two stratifying factors.’
    • ‘These factors were considered jointly in a multivariate logistic regression model.’
    • ‘We used logistic regression to examine associations in terms of odds ratios between independent and dependent variables.’