Meaning of Lolita in English:


Pronunciation /lə(ʊ)ˈliːtə/

proper noun

  • A character in the novel of the same name (1958) by Vladimir Nabokov, a 12-year-old girl for whom the narrator, a middle-aged man, develops a sexual obsession.

    ‘If her girls have been compared to prepubescent Lolitas, her seniors seem just as coy, if comically spry.’
    • ‘In a little table in the corner, some very doll-like Lolitas were sitting and chatting on their cell phones.’
    • ‘It is true that teenage mags can be vile little publications hellbent on creating a generation of Lolitas, dressed up in sparkly halter-neck frocks and the latest eyeshadow.’
    • ‘The shot captured a virtual sea of Lolitas dressed in makeup, halter tops and platform shoes and was fairly shocking to everyone.’


  • A pubescent girl who is sexually precocious or who is regarded in sexual terms by an older person.