Meaning of lollipop lady in English:

lollipop lady


(also lollipop woman)
informal British
  • A woman who is employed to help children cross the road safely near a school by holding up a circular sign on a pole to stop the traffic.

    • ‘To the hundreds of children she sees every day, Hazel Martindale is the friendly lollipop lady who helps them cross the road.’
    • ‘Campaigners for a safe crossing patrol called off plans to blockade one of Lancaster's busiest roads when a lollipop woman came to the rescue.’
    • ‘The county council says the lollipop lady had two near misses in 48 hours.’
    • ‘Only St Stephen's School has a lollipop lady to help youngsters there cross Gargrave Road.’
    • ‘Eunice Robinson, 74, became a lollipop lady by chance - and has been doing the job for more than 40 years.’
    • ‘A fortnight ago the lollipop lady was taken off the crossing following two near misses, leaving children to fend for themselves.’
    • ‘One, a lollipop lady, said there were two primary schools off Leeds Road and children deserved protection.’
    • ‘Road improvements have been promised after a lollipop lady was knocked down outside a school.’
    • ‘Do you know a lollipop lady who helps your children get to school safely who should be honoured?’
    • ‘She had originally intended to do the job briefly after her son, who was five at the time, nominated her to be a lollipop lady when the school asked for volunteers.’
    • ‘The previous lollipop woman left before Christmas and county council staff have struggled to find anyone suitable for the position.’