Meaning of lolly shop in English:

lolly shop


Australian, New Zealand
  • A shop selling confectionery.

    ‘he's like a kid who's just been handed the keys to the lolly shop’
    • ‘Talk about letting a kid loose in a lolly shop!’
    • ‘This was not a kid in a lolly shop being tempted by something at eye level.’
    • ‘He sincerely felt sorry for that lolly shop that she had entered.’
    • ‘As for me, I'm off to the local lolly shop, to try whether a Cherry Ripe tastes any different now.’
    • ‘Robert's parents owned a Lolly Shop and Robert gave the teacher a wonderful box of chocolates.’
    • ‘Was the lolly shop that wondrous one at Leura?’
    • ‘It is rife with the nonsensical belief that we all need to be taken in hand by the government and told not to spend all of our pocket money in one go at the lolly shop!’
    • ‘Though some lolly shops still display their wares in big glass bowls, musk sticks these days cost far more than a penny.’
    • ‘The cricket academy was his equivalent of a lolly shop and the shop only became bigger when he was promoted to the national team just shy of his 21st birthday.’
    • ‘Over the years, the 1850-built sandstone fronted building has served as a lolly shop, a betting store and private apartments.’