Meaning of lone parent in English:

lone parent

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  • A person bringing up a child or children without a partner.

    ‘many lone parents are put off employment because they cannot find childcare’
    • ‘Being a lone parent with a child and combining that with a job is a major stressor.’
    • ‘No matter where I go, when I ask lone parents what is the biggest issue, invariably they say childcare.’
    • ‘We now have two different systems that don't work properly and thousands of lone parents missing out.’
    • ‘Lone parents have been let down and left out of pocket.’
    • ‘The proportion of lone-parent households with dependent children almost doubled, now accounting for five per cent of households.’
    • ‘We would have a lot of lone parents who may not be able to take up education because they are not being paid.’
    • ‘Groups such as lone parents are being excluded from reentering the labour market and from educational opportunities.’
    • ‘She was living in public housing, separated from her husband and living on a lone parent allowance.’
    • ‘They are hosting an exciting new programme, designed specifically for independent or lone parents.’
    • ‘The great majority of lone parents were women.’