Meaning of lonely heart in English:

lonely heart


usually as modifier
  • A person looking for a partner or lover by advertising in a newspaper or online.

    ‘we met through the lonely hearts ads’
    • ‘lonely hearts looking for soulmates’
    • ‘He has tried lonely hearts columns in local newspapers a few times.’
    • ‘Linda Harris relates how, after the numbness of widowhood wore off, she found love again through the lonely hearts column of her local newspaper.’
    • ‘Did you meet someone through our lonely hearts columns or has your business gone from strength to strength through advertising with us?’
    • ‘None of the women he met through lonely hearts columns have recognised the necklace.’
    • ‘They believe that the advent of online match-making, lonely heart adverts and singles' events are little more than a cynical ploy by the dating industry to get people to spend cash.’
    • ‘Never reply to a local newspaper lonely heart ad.’
    • ‘I think a lot of people read lonely hearts columns with a great deal of interest.’
    • ‘I thought for a minute I'd be looking to put an ad in the lonely hearts column, but it worked out OK.’
    • ‘Maybe I should place an ad in a lonely hearts column.’
    • ‘There is not even a lonely hearts column in the local paper.’
    • ‘Had Jefferies described himself in a lonely hearts column, the spiel would have been remarkably similar.’
    • ‘He targeted single mums with young children through chatlines and lonely heart adverts.’
    • ‘Dear me, it was reading like an ad for a lonely hearts column!’
    • ‘This doesn't usually matter too much unless you're meeting them after replying to a lonely hearts ad.’
    • ‘No matter the cultural era or technological advances, it seems that as long as there have been lonely hearts, there have been lonely hearts clubs.’
    • ‘Like lonely hearts ads and introduction agencies, cyberdating used to be thought of as a last resort, but that is no longer the case.’
    • ‘Mort doesn't seem like the sort to attend lonely hearts meetings.’
    • ‘The couple met after Andy, 40, answered nurse Helen's lonely hearts advert for a ‘man in uniform’.’
    • ‘Caldwell, then living in Dover, Kent, met the mother of the three-year-old boy through a lonely hearts advert.’
    • ‘The 64-year-old mother-of-four was advertised in an internet lonely hearts room by her son because he thought his mother needed someone to talk to.’