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  • (of securities) not due for early payment or redemption.

    ‘long-dated bonds’
    • ‘Besides being used as a basis for pricing numerous other long-dated securities such as corporates, municipals, and sovereign debt, it was used for interpolating prices for off-the-run Treasuries.’
    • ‘This is because long-dated securities in excess of 10 years tend to be less liquid, especially since the bulk of the liabilities profile in the banking system is short-ended.’
    • ‘It varies a bit from country to country and currency to currency but in general long-dated government securities are yielding less than 5 per cent, in some cases quite a bit less.’
    • ‘What makes matters worse is that the slower the level of economic growth, the lower long-dated bond yields go.’
    • ‘There's typically been extra yield available for securities with maturities of about 13 months, deemed too long-dated for money-market investors and too short-dated for bond fund managers, the bank said in a research note.’
    • ‘Clearly, some of the favorable reaction in long-dated Treasuries outside of the 30-year bond was overdone, a reaction to the government's elimination of its 30-year offering.’
    • ‘Hedgers will decide between macro securities and long-dated derivatives in some instances just as car owners decide between Fords and Chevrolets.’
    • ‘‘We added long-dated UK bonds to the fund about three weeks ago,’ he said.’
    • ‘This real yield is then itself used as the rate to discount future pension fund liabilities, which therefore rise, thereby forcing more investment into long-dated index-linked bonds.’
    • ‘While the market may have still further to fall, the bear case now has to contend with yields on leading company shares that are standing not just in excess of base rate, but also above the yield on long-dated government bonds.’
    • ‘If long-dated risk-free gilt yields rise in response to the threat of future inflation, equities will fall as investors go in search of higher-risk adjusted returns.’
    • ‘Many long-dated corporate bonds have fallen in price as international investors sold them in favor of U.S. Treasuries.’
    • ‘Well, seeing that he boasted in his speech how the Federal Government's debt will be down next year, how can the Fund invest in any quantities of long-dated Australian bonds?’
    • ‘The last thing Greenspan wants to see is higher yields on long-dated Treasury stock pushing up mortgage rates and slowing demand.’
    • ‘In return, the fund manager gets access to ‘good quality long-dated sterling assets’.’
    • ‘The normal caveat to place on this type of analysis is that if a company yields more than long-dated gilts then it should mean that the market expects it to cut its dividend at some point in time.’
    • ‘A deal like this is very attractive to any financial institution that has long-dated liabilities.’
    • ‘We can currently get about 5% per year from investing in long-dated gilts, so we might aim to get 6% per year from the property.’
    • ‘Instead, growth today should be measured against the humble yields from long-dated gilts, which stand at just 4.4% at present.’
    • ‘Since the long-dated option has more time premium than the short-dated one, the spread generates a debit to your trading account.’