Meaning of long-established in English:



  • Having existed or continued for a long time.

    ‘long-established industries’
    • ‘a long-established tradition’
    • ‘Higher costs of operation forced many smaller local businesses to either move outside of their long-established sites in central Austin or close down business completely.’
    • ‘This year's finest traditional album, however, comes from a long-established artist who is still in remarkable, even startling form.’
    • ‘Egypt had a long-established sculptural tradition of blocklike, frontal figures with carefully formulated proportions.’
    • ‘Their target is Chinese culture conceived of as a whole, of which the distinctive and long-established written language is a convenient symbol.’
    • ‘It attracts great international attention, but its ideas add little to long-established left-wing thinking.’
    • ‘Britain is unusual among European nations in that it still has an aristocracy which holds enormous art collections, which usually hang in the long-established family country house.’
    • ‘He has a long-established reputation as a hard worker.’
    • ‘Thus, five of the seven new niche-marketing cooperatives deviate from the model used by the long-established cheese-marketing cooperatives.’
    • ‘It hardly needs emphasizing that in Hong Kong, the quintessential open port, such flows of goods and of people were a long-established part of everyday experience by that time.’
    • ‘Some of these lesser-known nooks are long-established and respected venues.’