Meaning of long-legged in English:


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  • Having long legs.

    ‘a tall, long-legged girl’
    • ‘long-legged hunting dogs’
    • ‘Moose calves with dangling wet umbilical cords struggle to keep up with their long-legged fast-moving mothers.’
    • ‘Rheas are tall, long-legged birds, well adapted to a terrestrial lifestyle.’
    • ‘Compared with long-legged ostriches striding across a plain, waddling penguins come up short.’
    • ‘Long-legged animals with longer strides maintain contact with the ground for more time during each step than do short-legged creatures.’
    • ‘It was a big animal with a long-legged body like a Great Dane.’
    • ‘He always accompanied monsignor, and slowed his long-legged gait to match the old man's.’
    • ‘Graceful, slender, and long-legged, she soon began winning modeling assignments from fashion photographers.’
    • ‘The rear cabin is roomy and two adults can sit quite comfortably in the back provided those in the front are not long-legged.’
    • ‘It look cramped but my long-legged colleague sat there quite comfortably.’
    • ‘This led to the evolution of long-legged running animals adapted to life on the savanna and prairie.’