Meaning of long-overdue in English:



  • Having been expected or needed for a long time.

    ‘a long-overdue reform’
    • ‘This timely anthology is a long-overdue acknowledgement of the struggles and triumphs of women scientists in our midst.’
    • ‘We very much welcome this long-overdue apology.’
    • ‘This call to allow schools to select on the grounds of ability marks a long-overdue challenge to a system that has failed too many children.’
    • ‘An online petition is calling for long-overdue changes to legislation.’
    • ‘The move is a two-headed attack, with dramatic price slashing on one front and a long-overdue expansion of the range of wines on the other.’
    • ‘I began working part-time so as to facilitate a long-overdue healing process.’
    • ‘The retired airmen hope their moving gesture will raise awareness of the campaign for a long-overdue memorial to the men who gave their lives during the bomber offensive.’
    • ‘He confronts his boss and asks for a long-overdue promotion.’
    • ‘Voters can demand a long-overdue return to genuine democratic values.’
    • ‘The proposal takes the long-overdue step of phasing out the portion of the student-loan program that relies on private lenders.’
    late, not on time, behind schedule, behindhand, behind time, long-overdue, long-delayed, delayed, belated, tardy, unpunctual