Meaning of long-serving in English:



  • Having held a position for a long time.

    ‘a long-serving member of the band’
    • ‘distinguished and long-serving teachers’
    • ‘The public sector job cuts have put some long-serving employees out of work, to widespread dismay.’
    • ‘Watching on, beaming, was her father Ian, the long-serving media officer for the Australian team.’
    • ‘The Royal Navy could get a new, updated version of the long-serving Lynx helicopter, Defence Procurement Minister Lord Bach has announced.’
    • ‘He was the last of a generation of long-serving lead anchors on the big three networks.’
    • ‘Furthermore, from 1978 to 1990 he was the long-serving Editor of the Anthropological Society's journal Mankind.’
    • ‘Both have been long-serving clubmen, occupying many of the official club positions over the years.’
    • ‘The award was given to her in recognition and appreciation of her efforts and hard work as the station's long-serving receptionist.’
    • ‘This is a long-serving staff that know him very well.’
    • ‘We are not talking about laying off long-serving members of staff.’
    • ‘Removal of hierarchies also means removal of organizational careers, in the sense that organizations no longer generally offer an improving trajectory of status and earnings for long-serving employees.’