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  • Denoting or relating to people staying somewhere for a long time.

    ‘long-stay patients’
    • ‘a long-stay car park’
    • ‘Officers only recommend it should stay open until the long-stay residents get the opportunity to move together to another Council home for mentally ill elderly people.’
    • ‘Although medically fit to be discharged, some of these long-stay patients are refusing to move to step-down care because of concerns over standards in nursing homes.’
    • ‘The large hospital, which pioneered heart transplants, does not have any accommodation for relatives of long-stay patients.’
    • ‘Examinations were carried out on other long-stay patients in Stewarts and another person was found to be infected.’
    • ‘Some of the buildings, which were used to care for long-stay elderly patients, date back to 1908.’
    • ‘More facilities for long-stay patients and more day surgery would free expensive acute hospital beds and make better use of existing consultants before consideration is given to hiring more.’
    • ‘The final phase of the development involved the complete refurbishment of patient accommodation in the long-stay area of the hospital together with a new nurses station and treatment room.’
    • ‘Patients in long-stay residential services in the Southeast, it's claimed, received as little as €5 of their weekly pension to spend as they wish.’
    • ‘In the two decades since then, some of the hospitals have closed, and the number of long-stay patients has reduced dramatically.’
    • ‘Fifteen elderly long-stay patients in the Loher Ward and two staff have been affected by the illness.’
    • ‘Delays in accessing long-stay beds for these patients can range from six months up to three years.’
    • ‘If agreed, they could see a 10p an hour rise for medium and long-stay parking and 20p an hour for short stay.’
    • ‘As reported in Sunday Business Post, he even singled out which areas of the health services - accident and emergency, and long-stay patients - would be the recipient of the extra spending.’
    • ‘The enormous workforce and economic burden associated with long-stay ICU patients mandates testing new approaches for managing this population of patients.’
    • ‘Concern arose over the fact that psychiatric hospitals and nursing homes, for example, have long-stay patients that ‘dwell’ in these institutions.’
    • ‘He singled out accident and emergency services, long-stay patients and a new package for people with disabilities as priority areas for additional spending.’
    • ‘There would be a minimum day charge to stay in each site but long-stay residents would be classed as residents and pay a monthly rent.’
    • ‘Also, I didn't know that a visa that allows a stay of three months and a day is called a long-stay visa.’
    • ‘If we lose city spaces we will allow replacement numbers up to that level - so long as they are not long-stay spaces.’
    • ‘Dutch health care has three main elements: universal insurance for long-stay care and mental health, social health insurance for those on low incomes and voluntary private health insurance for those on high incomes.’