Meaning of long paddock in English:

long paddock


Australian, New Zealand
  • A public road bordered by grass on which cattle may graze.

    ‘the townsfolk would run their milking cows on the long paddock alongside the stream’
    • ‘Many take to the long paddock to feed livestock as the state's west slips into drier conditions.’
    • ‘He left home to hit the long paddock with 700 crossbred cows.’
    • ‘No-one knows the long paddock better than the 80-year-old farmer.’
    • ‘Anyone can apply for a permit to graze their cattle in the long paddock.’
    • ‘80 per cent of Queensland is drought declared and 14,000 head of cattle are on the long paddock.’
    • ‘The Zebu cattle lay down in the Long paddock for an hour or so.’
    • ‘While she's out in the long paddock with her cattle, this cattle producer puts her time to good use.’
    • ‘There's not a tractor or a long paddock within coo-ee of their headquarters.’
    • ‘You will be able to cut long paddock grass with our direct-collect tractors.’
    • ‘Do you think Dad will still go up the long paddock with our cattle?’