Meaning of long service leave in English:

long service leave


mass nounAustralian
  • A period of paid leave granted to an employee who has served a specified period of continuous employment.

    ‘it was an opportunity to spend time as a family while her husband was on long service leave’
    • ‘In the pharmaceutical industry an agreement allowed casual employees the opportunity to accrue long service leave on a full-time basis.’
    • ‘Reith eventually accepted a union proposal to pay the Oakdale miners from the $240 million Coal Industry long service leave fund.’
    • ‘The costs of bearing the risk associated with long service leave may be high.’
    • ‘They are also seeking a reduction in qualifying time for long service leave from the present 15 years service to 10 years.’
    • ‘A similar scheme to protect long service leave works very successfully in the construction industry.’
    • ‘He is on long service leave, according to a statement issued by the bureau.’
    • ‘Mobile long service leave ought to become a national scheme, independent of a particular employer.’
    • ‘It was a curious decision to take long service leave only 10 months into a three-year program of improvement.’
    • ‘Long service leave entitlements will be able to be accrued with consecutive employers.’
    • ‘They might work 15 years for 100 different companies and they obtain long service leave benefits.’