Meaning of long suit in English:

long suit


  • 1(in bridge or whist) a holding of several cards of one suit in a hand, typically 5 or more out of the 13.

    ‘This strategy suits hands which look to be strong in honour cards or have a long suit that may be run through without ruffs by the opponent.’
    • ‘For example, this third hand could be used to discard weaker cards, or to stack with a long suit in the hope that suit comes up trumps.’
    • ‘This method of signalling allows you to preserve a long suit and discard unwanted single cards.’
    • ‘Usually, therefore, defense starts with one defender cashing a long suit, hoping that his partner will become void in the suit and be able to discard in another suit, or simply to pave the way for an attack in that same suit.’
    • ‘The best hand is a long suit of Spades, headed by the Ace.’
    • ‘Since the bidder has the first lead and can start by drawing trumps, the only effect of this is to make the bid somewhat risky in cases where the bidder has no long suit.’
    benefit, advantage, blessing, good point, strong point, strength, forte, talent, gift, strong suit, long suit, virtue, recommendation, attraction, attractive feature, selling point, resource, beauty, boon, value, merit, bonus, aid, help
  • 2one's long suitusually with negative One's outstanding personal quality or achievement.

    ‘tact was not his long suit’
    • ‘It's not my long suit (not even my short suit), although the few abstract pictures of dinosaur-like shapes on a cave wall he documents would seem to do little to disprove the theory of evolution as he claims.’
    • ‘The less sure-footed his receivers became, the more Manning had to buy time by improvisation, never his long suit.’
    strong point, advantage, asset, forte, strong suit, long suit, aptitude, talent, gift, skill