Meaning of long time no see in English:

long time no see


  • It is a long time since we last met (used as a greeting).

    • ‘Mark, the instructor who I've mentioned before in a post said hi, and asked where I was… long time no see.’
    • ‘I never stopped to say hello, long time no see.’
    • ‘Sweetie, long time no see, where have you been hiding?’
    • ‘‘Hello, long time no see,’ Astor remarked to Belinda as the ladies crowded into the somewhat ungenerous dressing room.’
    • ‘Kevin turned around, and smiled politely, ‘Hey Conner, long time no see.’’
    • ‘‘Hey Zoë, long time no see,’ he greeted casually.’
    • ‘So nice of you to join us Andrew, long time no see.’
    • ‘Hey there stranger, long time no see.’
    • ‘‘Oh, hello, Ryan, long time no see,’ Adrienne's father, Michael Moore greeted me when I rang their doorbell.’
    • ‘She was about to pick up one of her bags when she saw Sam looking at her, ‘Hi, long time no see.’’


    Late 19th century originally intended to be a humorous representation of North American Indian speech.