Meaning of long wave in English:

long wave


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  • 1A radio wave of a wavelength above one kilometre (and a frequency below 300 kHz)

    as modifier ‘long-wave radio’
    • ‘The station operates on a long-wave transmitter which is the only one in Ireland capable of serving the entire island, the association claims.’
    • ‘Independently of Kondratiev, De Wolfe proposed a theory involving the idea of a long-wave cycle in 1924.’
    • ‘The deflationary spiral under the long-wave Kondratiev cycle is far from over, in spite of appearances.’
    • ‘We heard news, music, and conversations from the provincial capital over a scratchy, long-wave frequency.’
    • ‘It involves the use of a small digital radio operating on long-wave band.’
    • ‘Originally these towers used the magnetism of the Earth to transmit long-wave messages and broadcasts.’
    • ‘At the time, long-wave radio broadcasts were used principally by the Japanese military.’
    • ‘The radio's sound reproduction was good, but reception on the medium-wave and long-wave bands was unusually poor for a Ford.’
    • ‘Radio enthusiasts never cease to be fascinated by the romance of all the station names displayed on the panel which brought listeners stations on medium wave, long wave, and short wave bands.’
    • ‘In addition, the radio had no long wave band and medium wave reception was poor.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Broadcasting using radio waves of 1 to 10 km wavelength.
      ‘listening to BBC Radio 4 on long wave’
      • ‘Those who like to listen to long wave on the radio will have to do without, as only AM and FM are provided.’
      • ‘The radio seems to be a two-band affair only, so if you are a long-wave addict, you must seek an upgrade.’