Meaning of longhair in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɒŋhɛː/

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  • 1 informal, often derogatory A person with long hair or characteristics associated with it, such as a hippy.

    • ‘it starts off with a truckload of sandal-wearing longhairs trying to organize a commune’
    • ‘The transcript doesn't say who it was, but the question itself makes you wonder how the blazes some Linux-loving hippy longhair got into the meeting in the first place.’
    • ‘These three longhairs hinted at greatness on their first EP, but with this new joint they are clearly the ones to beat on the Canadian underground rock scene.’
    • ‘Travis, Dallas, Sean and Mike look like the kind of disreputable longhairs that southern sheriffs were always trying to run out of town in movies from the Sixties.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it has already been written that these lame-brained longhairs are destined to be huge.’
    • ‘He is no jive-talking longhair who spouts about ‘universal brotherhood’ and ‘sharing’ all the way to the bank.’
    • ‘One day, in comes a gangly, loud-talking hippie longhair sporting a shirt fresh off the dirty laundry pile.’
  • 2A cat of a long-haired breed.

    ‘The village was run over with stray cats, tabbies, longhairs, shorthairs, tomcats, and all other imaginable breeds, even the Casper Cat (known for its lack of whiskers and hair).’
    • ‘This process was accelerated, one suspects, by the introduction of colorpoint longhairs to Birman breeding programs.’
    • ‘They include many popular breeds as well as non-pedigreed longhairs and shorthairs.’
    • ‘Cat registries could, however, stop you from showing the descendants of those longhairs and from using such cats legitimately in your breeding program.’
    • ‘A black-and-white longhair sniffs her way around her new home, stops and scratches.’
    • ‘Some associations followed TICA's lead and permitted exotic longhairs to compete as Persians because they look like Persians and if bred to Persians will produce nothing but longhaired kittens.’