Meaning of longhorn in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɒŋhɔːn/

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  • An animal of a breed of cattle with long horns.

    ‘The cattle judges were from a federal agency that knew all cattle and not just the longhorns and shorthorns.’
    • ‘Well, I am from Texas, where longhorns - cattle, that is - are indeed common, so perhaps the image is not entirely inappropriate.’
    • ‘The ranch has its longhorns and horses along with a variety of small animals for the children to visit.’
    • ‘The Texan immediately says, ‘We have longhorns that are at least twice as large as your cows’.’
    • ‘The white longhorns have remained isolated and untouched next to Chillingham Castle in Northumberland since they were first penned into their park in 1260.’
    • ‘The cemetery grounds border pastureland, and visitors share the pastoral settings with horses, Texas longhorns and occasionally, wild deer.’
    • ‘His office walls in the state capital, Austin, sport a pair of riding chaps, his Pioneer medallion and the head of a deceased longhorn.’
    • ‘He'd passed a herd of longhorns a curve-and-a-half back, along with those silly looking mini-donkeys he'd gaped at fifteen years ago.’
    • ‘They were the first longhorns in the territory and Elisha kept them hidden in a back pasture so he wouldn't be laughed at for spending money on the rangy beasts.’
    • ‘Watch out for the cowboys and the longhorns at Pioneer Plaza.’
    • ‘Papa was a businessman, not a rancher, but often when I think of him, I think about the longhorns.’
    • ‘A longhorn was discovered bedded down in a thicket.’
    • ‘I looked up to see a brown-and-white longhorn staring at me.’