Meaning of loo roll in English:

loo roll


informal British
  • A roll of toilet paper.

    • ‘Bathrooms also need daily attention, including restocking with loo rolls.’
    • ‘Toilets are portable and despite earlier reports, there are no shortages of loo rolls.’
    • ‘Bring your own loo roll, along with low expectations, when using the facilities.’
    • ‘It's always freezing, and it's one of those establishments where there's never any loo roll or paper towels in the toilets.’
    • ‘Three packets of figs fast approaching their "best before" date challenge me every time I open the kitchen cupboard, loo rolls cascade across the bathroom floor, and we now have enough tinned soup to see us through several arctic winters.’
    • ‘They study irritants like: leaving a wet towel on the bathroom floor, failure to control a shrill laugh, leaving a new loo roll on top of the empty one, and fabricating anecdotes at dinner parties.’
    • ‘This paper seems to last longer too, which has meant that I haven't had to change the empty loo roll as often.’
    • ‘MPs at the House of Commons were hit with a strange sort of shortage, after the building came dangerously short of loo roll paper.’
    • ‘Partners say that we only forget things which are unimportant to us like dental appointments and changing loo rolls.’
    • ‘If I walked into one of our two bathrooms and saw that the loo roll needed changing, I'd swiftly turn around and walk out, like a criminal leaving a crime scene.’