Meaning of look-over in English:



  • A quick inspection of something; a survey.

    ‘they were giving the car a thorough look-over’
    • ‘My cousin gave me a quick look-over, making my face warm.’
    • ‘Most applications get a look-over for quality control by programmer colleagues.’
    • ‘As the father turns around to give the cinema a final look-over, we give him a round of applause.’
    • ‘A quick look-over, a squeeze, a shake, and a sniff are some of our best tools for testing freshness.’
    • ‘She was drinking vodka shots and suddenly became absurdly interested in the three of us, begging introductions and giving each of us a good look-over.’
    • ‘Coco gave the woodwork a quick professional look-over, then she got down to business.’
    • ‘Mr. Drummond is giving him a look-over at the moment but does not think there are any injuries of an alarming nature.’
    • ‘Lord Metfield gave her a surreptitious look-over while she introduced herself, and was amused to see that the lady seemed to subject him to some kind of inspection too.’
    examination, check, check-up, survey, scrutiny, look-over, probe, exploration, perusal, view, scan, observation, investigation, assessment, appraisal, review, evaluation