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  • A brief look or inspection.

    • ‘we are just about to take a little look-see around the hotel’
    • ‘This self-governing Australian external territory juts out, like a green volcanic periscope that has risen in mid-ocean for a look-see, approximately half way between Australia and New Zealand.’
    • ‘Now, I can't help but wonder if these people have a quick look-see, utter ‘boring’ and move on, or whether they're actually reading anything I bother to blather on about in here.’
    • ‘After Saturday brunch, we headed to Nottingham Castle then to the shops for a look-see.’
    • ‘But he slightly redeemed himself to me, and I may give it a look-see.’
    • ‘Many many thanks to all of you who stopped by to take a look-see.’
    • ‘Summer time was a bonanza for the zoo vis-a-vis its gate collections with lots of people braving the heat have a look-see at the animals.’
    • ‘The announcement of a humpback whale sighting meant just a quick step out the door for a look-see.’
    • ‘Your photos and commentary makes me wish I could just hop on a plane and come over to take a look-see for myself.’
    • ‘With a little encouragement from Duncan I ditched all attempts to survey and crawled forward for a quick look-see.’
    • ‘He went on, ‘They have a general idea of what you're capable of - enough to make them act preemptively to authorize a look-see.’’
    • ‘I saw the lights on so I decided to have a look-see.’
    • ‘Come, we'll have a look-see and see what we can find.’
    • ‘Give them a look-see - I think you'll be surprised.’
    • ‘They shouted, ‘Hello!’ toward the kitchen and when that didn't work, decided to go into the kitchen for a look-see.’
    • ‘But, during light sleep, some birds (for example, ducks) will open their eyes for a quick look-see.’
    • ‘The food and beverage stands are being erected, tents are popping up, and the course is getting a final look-see for the weekend's racing.’
    • ‘Some 1,500 people came to have a look-see, buying 95 per cent of the 1,875 lots.’
    • ‘I dug up something else that might be worth a look-see.’
    • ‘I'd say give this one a look-see but definitely rent before you buy.’
    • ‘It's possible he could get a look-see this season, but it's more likely he will get a shot next year.’
    glance, observation, view, examination, study, inspection, scan, survey, sight, peep, peek, glimpse, gaze, stare, gape, ogle


Late 19th century from, or in imitation of, pidgin English.