Meaning of look kindly on in English:

look kindly on


  • Regard (someone or something) sympathetically.

    ‘they didn't look too kindly on our request’
    • ‘But, against the run of play, Stanley had enough in their locker to take the lead after the referee, for a change, looked kindly on the visitors.’
    • ‘But the Gods looked kindly on Freddie that day - undeservedly, I think - so I answered.’
    • ‘But it wouldn't surprise me if history looked kindly on them in the coming years.’
    • ‘He pointed out the Government had set £520m aside and indicated they would look kindly on a ‘properly costed plan’ as part of a bid for more money from a new Transport Innovation Fund.’
    • ‘Given the strict regulations shops face now in disposing of used oil safely, I can't imagine that anyone in charge of environmental regulation or drinking water is going to look kindly on this process.’
    • ‘In the meantime, regulatory decisions should look kindly on standard formats, and not obsess over the application of antitrust laws in this context.’
    • ‘History doesn't look kindly on such attitudes.’
    • ‘May God look kindly on him and may he rest in peace.’
    • ‘Everyone will know that their wealth depends on the U.S. - they won't look kindly on anyone that bites the hand that feeds them.’
    • ‘He said initial discussions with Kennet officers had led him to believe that the council would look kindly on a future partnership to develop the central car park.’