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look up

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phrasal verb

  • 1look something up, look up somethingSearch for and find a piece of information in a book or database.

    ‘the translation process amounted to little more than looking up words in bilingual dictionaries’
    • ‘I got out a drug book and looked it up, and from what I could read it said 50 mg was the maximum dose that should be given to an adult.’
    • ‘I make a point of never looking recipes up in a book, it slows me down.’
    • ‘When was the last time you went to one of your own books and looked something up?’
    • ‘Later on, I'd look the book up online and see what sort of reviews it received, and then decide whether or not to buy it online.’
    • ‘I needed to return some books and look something up on the internet.’
    • ‘I can remember my schoolteacher telling me to look a word up in the dictionary.’
    • ‘I have to confess that my English wasn't good enough to know the meaning of this word so I had to look it up in the dictionary.’
    • ‘This straightforward organisation makes it easy to look things up, cross-reference and navigate one's way through the book.’
    • ‘I tried to look it up in a drug reference book, but I could not find it.’
    • ‘If one wanted some information about a subject, a staff member could look it up in an index and go retrieve the information.’
    1. 1.1look someone up, look up someone informal Make social contact with someone.
      • ‘he would look her up when he was in the area’
      • ‘We emailed for a bit too but are now out of contact - I should probably look her up again some time.’
      • ‘Man, I seriously need to look you up when I come visit my parents in Spring.’
      • ‘Sometimes, an Italian friend on a visit to London would look him up.’
      • ‘Alena accepted the invitation to look him up when she came on her planned visit to Dawson that summer.’
      • ‘I said I was an old friend and I'd come to visit York and wanted to look him up.’
      • ‘If you're in Berlin, promise to look us up.’
      • ‘Do look us up again when you are in America - perhaps next year.’
      • ‘If you are every going through central Kentucky look me up.’
      • ‘We have got a young chef just starting college and Anthony gave him his number and asked him to look him up if he was in the area, which made his day.’
      • ‘I'd lost touch with him, and was meaning to look him up.’
      visit, pay a visit to, call on, go to see, look in on
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  • 2(of a situation) improve.

    ‘things seemed to be looking up at last’
    • ‘With an increase in the number of heavy metal record labels things are looking up.’
    • ‘When events in life take a turn for the better, we say that things are looking up.’
    • ‘They followed this up with a draw against Down and a win over Louth and things were looking up.’
    • ‘He'd just got a new flat and a girlfriend and things were really looking up.’
    • ‘Forecasters say things could be looking up for local residents.’
    • ‘In terms of pace, mind you, things are at long last looking up for Scotland, even behind the scrum.’
    • ‘So things are looking up these days, really.’
    • ‘Business is looking up.’
    • ‘I think things are looking up now, so fingers crossed there should be more posts.’
    • ‘To be fair, things had been looking up on the children's story front before Dahl arrived.’
    improve, show improvement, get better, pick up, advance, develop, come along, come on, progress, make progress, make headway, shape up, perk up, rally, take a turn for the better
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