Meaning of loons in English:


Pronunciation /luːnz/

plural noun

(also loon pants)
dated British
  • Close-fitting casual trousers widely flared from the knees downwards.

    ‘a pair of mustard hipster loons’
    • ‘And this is so much truer of trousers, otherwise you end up walking your home streets in a pair of embroidered sateen loon pants, or Peruvian half-mast, canvas sailors trousers.’
    • ‘There was more to the Seventies, I thought, than just Blue Peter and flared loons - although of course the temptation to have a bit of fun with all that was irresistible as well.’
    • ‘He wore a PVC jacket, black shirt and high-waisted loon pants.’
    • ‘Halfway through one of the songs, I noticed, to my horror, that the zip on the aforementioned doctor's loon pants had burst open.’
    • ‘I think I was lucky to have been a teenager in the seventies - music wise. I'm even proud of the scoop necks and loons I had.’


1970s from loon.