Meaning of loopily in English:



See loopy

‘We all kept bumping our heads on the loopily low ceiling.’
  • ‘The contents are similarly sweet, gloriously adventuresome pop crafted with astonishing ambition and proficiency, even while being loopily sloppy and self-referential.’
  • ‘She was chatty and engaged, loopily talking to the audience and occasionally to her toddler goddaughter who was in the front row.’
  • ‘‘Irksome, loopily affectionate, on tenterhooks, fidgety’… ran Emily's immediate assessment of her Husband's ‘welcome-back-to-the-big-city’ mood.’
  • ‘It's a testament to the writers, then, and to the actor's loopily charismatic performance, that Vincent comes off as charming and magnetic as he does.’