Meaning of loose-fitting in English:


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  • (especially of clothing) not fitting tightly; baggy.

    ‘wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing when travelling’
    • ‘Here, the 100 percent cotton floral is fashioned into a loose-fitting slipcover.’
    • ‘The pyjama, from which the English word "pajamas" is derived, is a pair of loose-fitting trousers.’
    • ‘The very helpful, unobtrusive wait staff are dressed in identical loose-fitting saffron-colored costumes, like the members of some gentle religious sect.’
    • ‘Avoid wearing loose-fitting trailing clothes which might trip you up.’
    • ‘It may also help to wear loose-fitting cotton clothing to decrease irritation.’
    • ‘But I learned not to buy loose-fitting trousers unless they fit perfectly and require no major alterations.’
    • ‘In a Reiki session you typically wear loose-fitting clothing and lie down on a padded table.’
    • ‘I grabbed a pair of loose-fitting jeans and yanked them on.’
    • ‘Wear loose-fitting shoes for the first two weeks after surgery, and avoid running and strenuous activity.’
    • ‘One note: The loose-fitting top panel rattles when operating in the presence of loud low-frequency sounds.’