Meaning of loose tea in English:

loose tea


mass noun
  • Dried crushed tea leaves sold in a packet or container rather than in individual teabags or sachets.

    ‘add one teabag or one teaspoon of loose tea per person to the pot’
    • ‘A large table is laden with jars of loose tea.’
    • ‘Although experts prefer loose teas because of their depth of flavor, tea bags are perfectly okay.’
    • ‘According to research, sales of mainstream tea bags, loose tea, and instant tea have all declined.’
    • ‘The loose tea delivers a much better flavour than teabags, and is worth the extra effort.’
    • ‘The place still knows how to do it right: loose tea only, and in style.’
    • ‘If you're in the US and want to get some decent British or Irish loose tea or teabags without either going to the UK or paying a fortune, there are some places online.’
    • ‘He spooned in two generous spoons of loose tea into the mug, took a kettle from the fire and poured the boiling water in.’
    • ‘The tins are nestled in an attractive box along with a silver teaspoon for measuring the loose teas.’
    • ‘The company makes a wide array of bagged and loose teas that you may choose from.’
    • ‘Most tearooms offer several choices of black, green, and herbal teas, freshly brewed from loose tea, served with clotted cream and jam for the scones.’