Meaning of loosely in English:


Pronunciation /ˈluːsli/

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  • 1In a way that is not firmly or tightly fixed or held together.

    ‘her hair hung loosely over her shoulders’
    • ‘a bow tied loosely at the collar’
    • ‘The outer plates hold the outer laths loosely in place, allowing sliding during the formation of the shell.’
    • ‘In such areas, herbicide binds loosely to soil particles, meaning less chemical can be used.’
    • ‘The arrangement of the hair is in the French style, which features loosely curled tendrils hanging softly at the sides of the face.’
    • ‘Loosely tie the plants to the stakes.’
    • ‘Some of the water weeds are loosely rooted and others are firmly rooted.’
    • ‘Inside the skull and vertebral column, the brain and spinal cord are loosely suspended and protected by several connective tissue sheaths.’
    • ‘His hair, through inattention, becomes long, coarse, and bushy, and loosely dangles upon his shoulders.’
    • ‘Jake stepped off the stage, a towel hung loosely around his neck.’
    • ‘The lanterns were loosely hanging on strings through the cherry trees, slowly swaying in the breeze.’
    • ‘Lines coiled on deck or loosely tied to railings do not meet that requirement.’
  • 2In a way that does not fit tightly or closely.

    ‘a loosely fitting white shirt’
    • ‘cover loosely with foil and bake in a preheated oven’
    • ‘The roast pork is served with a garlic sauce in a separate bowl and a big piece of crispy skin placed loosely on top of the meat.’
    • ‘There he is, emerging from the pines, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt draped loosely over his thin but sturdy frame.’
    • ‘Loosely fitting screw-capped lids permitted air circulation, restricted evaporation, and limited contamination.’
    • ‘His nightshirt was pure white linen, hanging loosely over his body almost to his toes.’
    • ‘They prefer procedure masks because the masks fit loosely and are easier to breathe through than surgical masks.’
    • ‘Put the stems in water and cover the leaves loosely with paper towels.’
    • ‘Paper is wrapped loosely around the hive and held in place with strong cord.’
    • ‘Usually, you can drape one of the blankets loosely across the face during trips between the house and car.’
    • ‘Bring to a boil, then loosely cover pot and simmer until tender but not mushy, about one hour.’
    • ‘If you are painting with an airless sprayer, set it up in the shade, and keep a cloth loosely draped over the paint bucket.’
  • 3In a way that is not close, compact, or solid in structure or formation.

    ‘buildings are grouped loosely around a village green’
    • ‘spinach can be packed loosely in a plastic bag’
    • ‘The external face of each panel is clad in a layer of steel wire cages, containing loosely compacted stones.’
    • ‘He covers the long mounds with a loosely woven plastic screen.’
    • ‘They added clean, loosely packed sand to each column.’
    • ‘The bamboo is loosely woven around horizontal members, then tied with a simple cowhide cross-stitch.’
    • ‘These have been carefully cleaned and apparently loosely stacked without mortar.’
    • ‘Then he put them into a single, one-inch high, loosely stacked pile.’
    • ‘Vegetation, for instance, is an agitated composition featuring three loosely arranged horizontal bands.’
    • ‘Among his most engaging works is one depicting a loosely constructed, elongated structure akin to a covered bridge.’
    • ‘The new home was inside a loosely built stone wall, far safer than the old one.’
    • ‘Its hot, bright colors on the slender, loosely assembled clay pieces are glinting like light on water or a school of tropical fish.’
    1. 3.1In a way that is not rigidly organized.
      ‘discussions were loosely structured to enhance informality’
      • ‘a loosely organized group of collectors’
      • ‘Such experiments were carried considerably further by a loosely knit group of younger painters.’
      • ‘A loosely structured group of artists, they flourished particularly from the late 1940s to the early 1960s.’
      • ‘It was a loosely organized international group of avant-garde artists set up in Germany in 1962.’
      • ‘He was part of a loosely organized movement in literature and visual arts, characterized by a rejection of direct, literal representation in favor of evocation and suggestion.’
      • ‘These deepened links replaced the passive acceptance of loosely connected, but dispensable, relationships between agriculture and rural communities.’
      • ‘He buys organic soybeans from individuals in a loosely organized group of independent Michigan growers.’
      • ‘He argued that the Articles of Confederation, which had loosely united the states since the end of the war, were crippling congressional efficiency and needed to be revamped.’
      • ‘He participated in a loosely organized international association of artists deeply influenced by the theories of John Cage.’
      • ‘At first glance, this solo debut of the Swiss artist might have been mistaken for a loosely organized group show.’
      • ‘She was part of a loosely affiliated group of new landscape painters.’
  • 4In a physically relaxed manner.

    ‘he moved loosely from side to side’
    • ‘Regular stretching and joint movement exercises maximize the range of motion of joints and the ability to freely and loosely move as you age.’
    • ‘With your arms hanging loosely at your sides and your toes pointed slightly outward, perform an imaginary seated leg extension.’
    • ‘Loosely rest your hands on the bars, and only do that when it's needed to maintain your balance.’
    • ‘He has a habit of carrying the ball loosely and away from his body, especially when moving to avoid defenders.’
    • ‘She let herself fall into the embrace, tucking her wet face into his shoulder while her arms hung loosely over his back.’
    • ‘We were both sitting on the grass, and his elbows were resting on his knees, his hands hanging loosely between them.’
    • ‘Standing with loosely relaxed knees, they start to work their feet by stamping rhythms on the floor.’
    • ‘Just rest nakedly at home in this vividly awake present awareness—relax loosely and rest.’
    • ‘If you can't keep your legs crossed even in half-lotus position, then just sit loosely in Indian style.’
    • ‘The group spreads out, each person standing loosely with legs slightly apart.’
    1. 4.1In a way that is not strict or exact.
      ‘the term is interpreted loosely’
      • ‘the novel is loosely autobiographical’
      • ‘This method could be loosely described as an asynchronous analog of the method described in Mangel and Adler.’
      • ‘The degrees of freedom associated with the curve s are loosely interpreted as the number of parameters used in fitting s.’
      • ‘Rerunning a sporting event—even one as loosely defined as celebrity boxing—is almost unheard of in network television.’
      • ‘Many papers use a system loosely known as the "bank," in which editors are given fair latitude to go up columns or pages as big events warrant.’
      • ‘I will loosely characterize an elite reporter as one who comes from a managerial or professional family and has attended a highly selective university.’
      • ‘If we are looking generally at objectionable material, with "objectionable" being defined rather loosely, then email and Internet policing poses some problems.’
      • ‘He said it is the primary responsibility of government to do things—I am paraphrasing very loosely—that are good for families and to reject things that are bad for families.’
      • ‘He is a fictional creation loosely based on one of the guards at the prison, which reinforces the artificial "balance" that the filmmakers bring to the story.’
      • ‘The experience of seeing a film can be loosely categorized as internal and external.’
      • ‘Her story loosely mirrors the author's own experiences as the indentured servant of a mean-spirited and violent woman.’
    2. 4.2In a careless and indiscreet manner.
      ‘you shouldn't speak loosely outside the group’
      • ‘During the campaign, he was confronted by a man who spoke loosely and negligently of illegitimate children and the welfare system.’
      • ‘By the 17th century, the verb "gossip" had come into widespread usage meaning to talk loosely about the personal affairs of others.’
      • ‘It is irresponsible and reckless to loosely talk about one of the most divisive, hurtful symbols in American history.’
      • ‘We all have to be very cautious in this country not to be talking loosely about criminal liability.’
      • ‘People talk loosely of having "a bit of flu" when they get a snuffly nose.’
      • ‘Many people speak loosely of others living useless or futile lives, as if a person's worth can be gauged on the basis of his or her activity.’
      • ‘When their critics speak loosely of their "influence," without taking care to qualify their statements, they are feeding a current of bigotry in the wider culture.’
      • ‘Strangers near me were gossiping loosely about the trial.’
      • ‘I've been loosely blabbing a little bit lately, and this is the time I need to come clean about the whole thing.’
      • ‘As he chattered loosely, I began to wonder if I could trust him.’
    3. 4.3(with reference to play in cricket) in an inaccurate or careless manner.
      • ‘Kirby bowled loosely’