Meaning of loosener in English:



  • 1A person or thing that loosens something.

    ‘In order to reduce volume losses of carbon loosener by drag out and evaporation and to afford degreasing properties, a seal was developed while neither the carbon loosener nor the seal alone caused corrosion, together they caused gross corrosion of certain metals, especially zinc and magnesium.’
    • ‘It is an excellent climbing penetrant and nut and bolt loosener.’
    • ‘First pull one end of the nail loosener through the free edge of your nail.’
    1. 1.1 informal A relatively undemanding challenge early in a game or competition, before the participants are fully settled or warmed up.
      • ‘first balls from fast bowlers tend to be just looseners’
      • ‘This was a limb loosener for both teams who will certainly have a post-mortem on the game and sort out their future strategies.’
      • ‘The opening delivery was a loosener in every sense, pitching halfway down the wicket and spearing down the legside.’
      • ‘Glenn came down the race and bowled a few looseners on the boundary in front of the members, a little ploy the panel interpreted as a device to play havoc with the England openers’ already fragile state of mind.’
      • ‘He got off to a decent enough start, hitting a couple of sparkling boundaries and exploiting some horrid looseners, but the bowlers took the upper hand in the afternoon session.’
      • ‘Donald's first over was a loosener - ‘not slow but not quick by his standards,’ according to Atherton - but after one ball of his second over, he switched to round the wicket, a sure sign that he was warmed up.’



/ˈluːsənə/ /ˈluːsnə/