Meaning of loppy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɒpi/

nounplural noun loppies

Australian, New Zealand
  • An unskilled labourer or odd jobber on a farm or rural station.

    ‘the loppies all complain a lot’
    • ‘The shed hands, rollers, skirters and pickers-up were generally known by the somewhat contemptuous name of 'loppies'.’
    • ‘Two or three educated and travelled 'loppies' were to be found amongst the 'table-men'.’
    • ‘The twilight rings with the laughter of the 'loppies' young and free.’
    • ‘And when the day's work was over, I've seen the loppies settle down to a game of euchre.’
    • ‘The sheep are cunning and will not be worked by sheep dogs, loppies, leathernecks or rouseabouts.’


Late 19th century probably from English dialect lop ‘hang about’ or dialect loppy ‘flea-ridden’.