Meaning of lordless in English:



See lord

‘The result is a lordless, man-centered religion supported by an elaborate biblical system.’
  • ‘His retainers, now ronin, lordless samurai, pretend to scatter, some of them appearing to live dissolute lives.’
  • ‘While they are ronin they cannot be part of any ‘group’ just as those lordless samurais in the feudal age in Japan.’
  • ‘He survived unharmed, but with the establishment of the new Meiji era under the rule of the Emperor Mutsushito he was now like a ronin - a lordless samurai, drifting in the sea.’
  • ‘Beowulf begins with a description of a lordless people and ends with another lordless people; the overall tonality is elegiac, and one of the major symbols of the poem's beginning, as of its conclusion, is the funeral of a great king.’