Meaning of lordotic in English:


Pronunciation /lɔːˈdɒtɪk/


See lordosis

‘The lateral view provides a good image of the vertebral bodies, facet joints, lordotic curves, disc space height, and intervertebral foramen.’
  • ‘Since the lumbar lordotic curvature is maximal in this midline area, the midline retroperitoneal structures lie far forward and are very accessible.’
  • ‘Radiographs may show pre-existing degenerative changes or a slight flattening of the lordotic curvature of the neck.’
  • ‘A lordotic chest x-ray was obtained, to determine if the lesion was in the lung or the rib.’
  • ‘To maintain a lordotic curve, many authorities now recommend moderate lordotic support by use of a long round pillow called a lumbar roll.’