Meaning of lorem ipsum in English:

lorem ipsum

Pronunciation /ˌlɒrəm ˈɪpsʊm/


Printing Typography
  • A standard form of sample text, beginning ‘lorem ipsum’, used by compositors and graphic designers to establish or demonstrate the textual layout of a print or electronic document before the content has been finalized. Hence: any form of boilerplate sample text used in this way.

    The standard text is based on jumbled elements taken from Book 1, §32–3 of Cicero's De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum. Instances of its inadvertent appearance in publications begin in the late 1960s, suggesting that it began to be widely used in publishing around this time. Its popularity is often attributed to its use in samples of body type issued as Letraset dry transfers.


1990s; earliest use found in MacWorld. From classical Latin dolorem ipsum pain itself (Cicero De Finibus 1. 10. 32; from dolōrem, accusative of dolor + ipse), with arbitrary clipping of the first syllable.